Albie goes to Rainbow Bridge

Our dear boy rattie Albie went to Rainbow Bridge today.  He hadn’t been well for about the last week or so, having a lot of full-on nosebleeds and lying about looking depressed.  I had a feeling it was an internal chest tumour, I told my mum and Andrew, and the vet confirmed it as the most likely cause when we arrived.  He was gently put to sleep and is now with our other babies in Heaven.

He leaves behind his son, Arfur, and “adopted” big son, Toby.  Albie was a stud rat whom we got second-hand when his owner was finishing her rat breeding career, and he came with his half-tailed son, Arthur, to enjoy his retirement with us.  Albie was a stand-up boy, a wonderful companion and great daddy to his lads, and we all miss him terribly.

“My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.”

Rest in peace Albert Whisker.  Mummy and Daddy love you xx


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