LineArt Collection 1

As the title suggests, collections of my various lineart for art pieces, both digital and traditional, in the final stage before colouring.  I’m very content for these to be used for artistic reference or for colouring practice (image resolution is not especially high, however).  But please do not steal or take credit for these images since I went to the effort of making them.

If you wish to make use of my lineart in any public capacity (outside your own practice), please credit me verbally or in writing; and if you could let me know via e-mail that you’re featuring my artwork elsewhere, that would be great too. 🙂

Kokonoe from the game series BlazBlue

Angelica “Angel” Revas for her birthday picture, 2010

Angel again, dressed in her sling bikini with a baseball bat from Saints Row 2

Mileena from the Mortal Kombat game series

Maria Ferreira

Done at large size for me to practise some watercolour stuff


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