Artie & Ruri

The two cats that I currently own with my fiancé are Artemis (‘Artie’) and Ruri.  Though they are not related they look like brother and sister in their photographs, and since we brought Ruri home they have been inseparable.


Artie was our first pet in our new home (apart from the ratties and Isa who came with us from beforehand).  He turned up on our doorstep one day in November 2009, living in our bushes and looking very thin and hungry.  We saw him over a period of days, Andrew fed him some chicken slices, and eventually one day I thought I’d try to bring him into the living room.  I picked him up and carried him through to the conservatory (since our living room was rat-ville), and immediately he was cuddly and friendly with us.

He was wet, and on closer inspection I found that his pawpads were split open and bleeding on the carpet.  We rushed him to the vet, who patched up his feet and found he had no microchip.  The wounds on his feet would have taken months to form, he had been feral for a while and surviving from bins (he still shows this behaviour around the house!).  So we adopted him, and he’s lived with us ever since.

Artie in his Christmas jumper

Artie is the softest, cuddliest boy, and so gentle that even my mother-in-law who isn’t fond of animals loved to meet him.  He has taken a long time to recover from his original injuries, and his paws still show deep scars.  His ears were also blistered (white fur making them vulnerable to the sun), his nose is very rough and scarred, and his eyes are weak from a suspected previous chlamydic infection.  We have worked hard to get him through his pain and treatments, and throughout it all he has never hissed or bitten.

Though he doesn’t have Ruri’s severe separation anxiety (he’s been on his own for so long!), being with Ruri and having her company during the day has been very beneficial to him.  He loves ‘the baby’ and though she sometimes picks on him, he remains even-tempered and a lovely punching-bag.

Named after Artemis (left) from my beloved anime series Sailor Moon


Better known as ‘Little Ruu’ on a day-to-day basis.  Ruri came to us from the same family as Albie and Arfur the ratties.  She was unwanted by a previous owner who was going to abandon her in a Tesco carpark; a following owner did not really want her either and allowed their child to chase her around (and cut her whiskers with scissors as we found out); and then she came to our contact’s family, who looked after her briefly until Andrew and I came with my mum to fetch her.

She was born on the 16th of March (same date as our character Sheeva the panther!), and was so bony when she came home with us that she couldn’t eat properly.  The softest baby food made her unwell and she would cry when using her litter tray.  The first night we left her downstairs to sleep, she broke out of her cat carrier and we found her wandering upset in the kitchen; after which we allowed her to sleep upstairs in our bedroom until she and Artie were able to stay together overnight.

 All the while Ruri was growing up, I was working while Andrew was at home, so Ruri spent more time with him eating, sleeping and playing.  I tried to make up for it by letting her nap on me when I came home!

Little Ruu on daddy’s knee

After initially growling and hissing at Artie (who wouldn’t hurt a fly), Ruri warmed to him, and after a time of testing her in his bedroom we decided they were friendly enough to stay together.  She now lives in the conservatory with him when we are not with them.

Ruri loves everything food related, we think as a result of starving so much when she was little.  She also loves her toys and is very kittenish.  Her favourites are ‘dur fish’ and mummy’s dressing gown.

Named after Ruri from the anime Martian Successor Nadesico


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