Newest Art

Small showcase of my most recent artwork…

All art is Copyright to me, as are some characters.  Content Copyright to other individuals/companies is noted on the image. 🙂

Lia, the lizard girl from Brazil

Entirely Digital: linework, colouring & painted parts

Bridget & Benjamin (Bridget is Copyright to Arc System Works, Benjamin is partially invented)

All digital: lines, colour & painted background

“Corner Girl”, Miguel’s female alter-ego

Digital: Lines, colouring & painted city background

Fishnet pattern:

Angel in a bikini with music player

Entirely digital: Lineart and colouring

Flower brushes:

Splatter background:

Scrapbook tag embellishment:

Nicole & Naomi photograph

Digital: Lineart & colouring

Background photograph: Googled

Photo corner embellishments:

Nicole & Naomi (with new look!)

Entirely digital: Lineart, colouring & painted setting

Art Nouveau Angel

Entirely digital: Lineart, colouring and all background

Apple logo is Copyright to Apple!


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