Lilies, Clover, rattie references and doodles

“The lily was created on the third day, early in the morning when the Almighty was especially full of good ideas.” — Michael Jefferson-Brown

This quote, I adore.  I found it today as the BBC’s Quote of the Day, and considering how much I love lilies, not to mention our darling rattie girl of the same name, I had to borrow it.  Not my quote, but it very much expresses a truth I feel. 🙂

Last night’s concept sketches:


Umaya, reclining in undies & reading a book

I use “decal” type things to stick on my websites and to decorate merchandise, etc, and since I was pretty wobbly last night I just did the base sketches for two more.  I need more stuff to feature on my websites, to highlight important stuff…and to decorate my “Under Construction” page as I reshuffle! ^_^

Also I finally extracted some finished chibis from my enormous page of Grenamoya Chibis.  All are drawn, but I keep needing to dig out my character colour swatch to accurately finish some of them, and I never seem to have the file on hand…^^;;

Grenamoya Villains/Ex-Villains this time!

Terak Richart

Emperor Pain (has to be said, he makes an awesome chibi)

Ulyssis (also, seriously, an awesome chibi!)

Why is it that villains make the BEST adorable chibis?  Must be the irony…:)

Right now I’m listening to “Tenshi no Clover”, the intro from Lotte no Omocha!, one of the current anime series I’m watching with Andrew.  References to two of our most precious little pale rattie girls today. ^___^


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