Thyroid getting in the way!

I’ve been so ill lately on my hypothyroid nonsense that I haven’t been able to do much in the way of my art and writing.  It’s been thoroughly depressing and the best I can manage most days is rough sketches, no final lines or colour because I can’t focus or my hands are shaking.  I’m getting a splinted brace for my occasional carpel tunnel syndrome that totally ruins my dominant hand. >__<;; Spending a lot of time asleep and I’m off work for two days so I’ll be using that to rest up.

Finished playing Fear 3 (F.3.A.R) co-op with Andrew on Sunday night (it only came out on Friday!), him playing as Point Man and me as Paxton Fettel (Pacman Kettle as the ratties were calling him).  Didn’t last very long but it was very fun…and the first half definitely scared us out of our pants at different points. XD When it became more of a shooting onslaught later on it was less creepy, but very enjoyable.  I think Paxton and The Sorrow would be good friends, and I have to draw them together.  Damn hand! o__O;;

It’s now a joke between us that even though Fettel is a psychotic cannibal ghost fellow, he still thinks The Sorrow is stranger than him.  Hur hur.  Sorrow-friend is dodgy.

Since Fettel looks a LOT like The Fear from different angles and the game itself is called Fear, it’s almost like Fettel is Miguel and Yuri’s unholy love-child.  Somehow I think Miguel would have raised him better.

Also as a random point, the game’s ending and Alma’s gruesome fate totally didn’t put me off having children. XP


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