Lotte no Omocha! & Grenamoya Art

Been terribly ill this last while, I’m currently off work because I can hardly get out of bed.  Been sick five times today and can’t keep water down so feeling icky and dizzy on top of everything. 😦 I gathered up my sketches from this last while though, to keep track of them.  Mainly Lotte and Grenamoya goodies.

From Lotte no Omocha!, Queen Mercelida, Lotte’s mum.  I’m tracing this one through to do in traditionals.

From Lotte again, Effie, the cow-demon maid.  I sketched this one digitally and left my costume reference in the picture for some reason! o__o Makes the sketch make a tad more sense I guess.

From The Grenamoya Island Saga, Lord Terak of the vampires.  He’s always strapped up in his big coat so now he’s got a really open shirt for absolutely no reason.  I’ve sketched some scars on there so I’ll try to give the bare skin some purpose.

Again from Grenamoya, Prince/King Karri of the froneks (cat people).  I normally draw females and Grenamoya has so many males, I used Karri and Terak as guinea pigs for some nice male (and animal?) anatomy.  Karri is so happy.

From Grenamoya’s graphic novel, Athani Fey, wearing something that isn’t quite her usual bodysuit, and not quite a formal dress.  Hybrid clothes!

An old inked drawing I found of Athani in some kind of bikini, looking grumpy.  I think she was meant to be in a picture with Zevran from Dragon Age.  Beach Queens ‘Thani!

And a drawing of Rosette Christopher from the anime/manga Chrono Crusade, as she appears in our fandom universe – she’s a total couch potato and movie buff, so she’s ready with her snacks. 🙂