Succubi Children & Dragon Age Art

Lately a picture I’ve been working on is this one of 3 succubus daughters, based off the designs of Mercelida and Lotte from Lotte no Omcha! – it’s from an alternate universe storyline in which our AU stable boys, Chris, Miguel and Zevran, have totally-for-a-good-reason impregnated Queen Mercelida with her next batch of powerful royal succubus children.  This is a mock-up of what they’ll look like based on both Merci and Lotte, as well as snippets of their human/elf fathers.  This totally won’t come back to bite them in the arse or anything. 🙂

Sketch in multicolour

Inked lines

From Dragon Age (2, believe it or not!), some artwork of my second Hawke, Tobias the horny-cheesy-evil-abrupt-unrealistically-sarcastic blood mage.  With his canon love interest, Fenris.  The ex-slave who hates mages and especially blood magic but mostly magic and mages.  Continuity in Dragon Age 2 fails so bad, but they’re a canon couple in our universe now.  They both talk alike and are miserable.  Yet strangely…very sweet together.

Sketch in multicolourInked lines

And from Dragon Age Origins and 2, Zevran and Fenris, who in our AU are brothers.  And actually very sweet brothers now that they’ve overcome their terrible rivalry.  Pornography was involved. 😉

My blue pencil sketch, with a stuck-on image of the sword I’m using for reference – Tenebra from Monster Hunter.  What the Hell am I thinking?

Inked lineart, with the outline complete for that very awkward sword!

And inked lines for another sketch I did – of Wynne, a much overlooked and underloved character from Dragon Age Origins, showing off her large bust.  She’s not young, I know, but there’s something very beautiful about such a kind (and admittedly busty!) older lady. 🙂 Zevran and Oghren join the party!

(The original sketch suffered an accident that I couldn’t fix, so I couldn’t scan it.  Boo!)