New rat baby, Dogan!

As of Saturday, we have a new baby boy ratty.  He is a brown hoodie, and we’ve named him Dogan.  It’s a name I always wanted for a ratty, and though it’s a boy’s name, I always kind of expected it to go to a female dumbo. 🙂 Dogan is a male top-ear.

He loves spending time with his big uncle, Toby.  I took photos of the two together to show the size difference!

He is SUCH a tiny baby.  And already the room has that slightly sweet and musty baby rat smell.

He’s named after Dogan from the video game, Psychonauts.  A very, very clever game, that even helped me to picture my manic-depression in a darkly comical, video game way. 🙂

Dogan with his tin-foil hat

I also dug out some slightly older rat photos I hadn’t edited yet.  These are of the girls downstairs.

Navi, Clover & Lola

Navi & Clover

Old Linna, eating cheesecake on me

Linna & Lola

Linna, Lola, Navi & Clover

Even sitting in work, waiting for the influx of students for Welcome Week, looking at these photos is making me grin.  I just can’t help smiling at their little faces. 🙂

Athani-Zevran kisses & Demon Laydeez

Two sketches I did a while ago of Athani and Zevran from Dragon Age are FINALLY on the verge of being coloured. 🙂 Some variation on Copics, pencils, watercolours, I’m undecided.  One’s small, the other full A4 page and more elaborate.

Otherwise I’ve sketched the human and demon sides of two new random AU characters I created, who lurked around for a while before being eaten.  They’re dead now.  But their brief time in the spotlight was fun!  The demon form picture will have digital colouring, the other is a light sketch that I will do in watercolours and pencil.

Back after another hiatus – Birthday in Belfast!

Dur Thyroid ish pretty liek a butto-flyy…but makes life sooo hard

I had been ill and off work for the last two months or so following a major collapse in my thyroid nonsense.  Honestly I’d been carrying on at work to the point of exhaustion, battling headaches and muscle aches and bouts of vomiting (thankfully these were mostly at home!) until I eventually gave up and realised I just couldn’t do it.  I’ve changed my medication from synthetic thyroxine, which I’ve been on for almost three years and I feel has not helped, to natural dessicated thyroid hormone.  It’s a bit icky and it takes some getting used to, but in general I’ve been feeling better.  Within about two weeks of starting, I felt perkier than I had in years, and that’s no lie.  On and off I’ve been tired and headachey again, but all in all I’m improving and people say I look better (happier!) in myself.  I’ve even been able to do some exercise without nausea, and my ability to focus when I read seems to be coming back too.  I bought myself some new Richard Adams books (well, one old favourite and two unread ones!) to get me in the mood.

Drabs of art I’ve been doing over the last few months have kept me going, but I’m hoping if I keep improving my art output will increase again.  I also need to get up the willpower to write the in-betweeny bits that need to go into my third novel (as yet unpublished, only a draft has been released). “War of Beasts” so far has a sketch of its cover in the pipeline, but it hasn’t yet been inked.  “The Chosen Four” has a mostly-inked cover, but no colour. 🙂

Ker-LUSH!!! 8D

My huge thing that was super-awesome lately was that I was finally able to spend my birthday in Belfast, the place I love above all else.  My fiance’s family lives there and were kind enough to let me stay with them, taking up space and eating their food.  I was still flaggy with my thyroid but being in the city gave me motivation to be up and about as much as possible.  And oh, the Starbucks!  Every time I return to its coffee-scented bosom it offers me new and exciting treats…and then I go all boring and just take my caramel macchiato and skinny blueberry muffin as usual.


I’ve been spoiled to death over my birthday, Andrew bought me a million things and now I’m sweet and stinky rolling in the Lush gift set he bought me.  Being back in Wales makes me feel down – not because I hate my homeland or don’t want to spend time with my family and pets, but because of the happiness I’ve always had in Belfast with the person I love.  Our futures are still planned out over there, so with some luck in a year or so I’ll be blogging from a stable home in Belfast. 🙂