Athani-Zevran kisses & Demon Laydeez

Two sketches I did a while ago of Athani and Zevran from Dragon Age are FINALLY on the verge of being coloured. 🙂 Some variation on Copics, pencils, watercolours, I’m undecided.  One’s small, the other full A4 page and more elaborate.

Otherwise I’ve sketched the human and demon sides of two new random AU characters I created, who lurked around for a while before being eaten.  They’re dead now.  But their brief time in the spotlight was fun!  The demon form picture will have digital colouring, the other is a light sketch that I will do in watercolours and pencil.


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  1. SmylingBeast
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 23:15:48

    It’s great that even Athani can have a little bit of tenderness in her life. It’s really quite sweet to see her looking all flustered and lovey-dovey, outside of her usual badassery. And the demon girls are looking great too, I’m liking how you made them just monstrous enough to remind people how dangerous they truly are, outside of their respective feminine charms. Although their human forms are unabashedly cute, but that’s the sweet honey trap of it all, eh? Excellent line work, can’t wait to see how they look coloured!


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