New rat baby, Dogan!

As of Saturday, we have a new baby boy ratty.  He is a brown hoodie, and we’ve named him Dogan.  It’s a name I always wanted for a ratty, and though it’s a boy’s name, I always kind of expected it to go to a female dumbo. 🙂 Dogan is a male top-ear.

He loves spending time with his big uncle, Toby.  I took photos of the two together to show the size difference!

He is SUCH a tiny baby.  And already the room has that slightly sweet and musty baby rat smell.

He’s named after Dogan from the video game, Psychonauts.  A very, very clever game, that even helped me to picture my manic-depression in a darkly comical, video game way. 🙂

Dogan with his tin-foil hat

I also dug out some slightly older rat photos I hadn’t edited yet.  These are of the girls downstairs.

Navi, Clover & Lola

Navi & Clover

Old Linna, eating cheesecake on me

Linna & Lola

Linna, Lola, Navi & Clover

Even sitting in work, waiting for the influx of students for Welcome Week, looking at these photos is making me grin.  I just can’t help smiling at their little faces. 🙂


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  1. SmylingBeast
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 19:22:00

    D’aww ^_^ Dogan is a wonderful little guy. I’m sure he’s making his uncles very happy, and keeping Arfur on his toes with youthful energy that outmatches his own! May he continue to settle in well. And the others are just as sweet as ever they were. One does so miss those little noses squished up in bed, peering sleepily out at you.


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