Merchandise at Red Bubble

Thanks to my fiancé I have recently discovered the joy that is  He was looking for My Little Pony goodies for us, and not only did he come across TONS of Pony stuff there, I was able to find yet another online service for T-shirt printing. 🙂 I’ve printed Grenamoya T-shirts with a few companies in the past and I like seeing the quality offered by each.  As a result I have not only bought Pony things, but I have uploaded two of my newest T-shirt designs to Red Bubble to see if they turn out better than Zazzle’s and Spreadshirt’s.

My “Grenamoya chibis” design is finally in print, and there are three currently on order!

Grenamoya chibis design, featuring 25 characters, in black

I also designed another Red Bubble exclusive tee, featuring Cammesonja as the famous “awesome face”.  Of course because she’s a troll, the slogan is ironically “troll face”.  I found it amusing…plus she looks like Gummo.  Gummo demands his own T-shirt in future.

Cammy, like The Miz, is Aaaaaawwweeesoooome

Waiting on the Tees to arrive, and I shall give my feedback when they do!  Coincidentally I am wearing my latest Spreadshirt T-shirt featuring Athani at work today.


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