Step-by-Step: Peep-Style Pinkie Pie!

Welcome to another step-by-step showcase of a picture I made. 🙂 I did this pic in the space of one evening, because the finished piece didn’t need much shading.

Tools used: Blue & red pencils; Manga Studio for line art; Photoshop for colouring

The mission was to draw a picture of human Pinkie Pie, based on the character from the animation “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.  We had used her in an AU roleplay, with the description of a bouffant, pink hairdoo, T-shirt and a tutu – and she was carrying a camera for story reasons. 🙂 So I did up this concept in blue and red.

Human Pinkie Pie sketch, with an image of original Pinkie for reference

From this I did my lineart in a thickish brush pen, since the original cartoon style has simple, blocky colours and defined lines.

Lineart Pinkie, still with reference 

With some swatching from the original Pinkie image to keep my colours accurate, I filled in the base colour for the picture.  I originally intended to give her red and white striped socks (like a candy cane) and neon plastic bracelets, but I ended up using the same blue and yellow as her balloon cutie mark, to tie the image together.  The camera bag, which isn’t tied to her as a character, I kept boring grey.  Once I ruled out the red and white socks, I also changed my idea of black Mary Jane shoes to a softer brown.

Pinkie Pie in colour, now looking more distinctly like her original character!

Then, because of the Flash-style animation and colouring of the show, I coloured all of my drawing’s outlines to soften the look.

 Now she looks more like she could just pop out of the My Little Pony cartoon! 😉

To add a little more depth, I did very basic shading on her full body, but kept the effect very soft.  I wanted to make her appear more 3D, but not make the impression that too much light or dark was landing on her.  She is not set against a scene so complex lighting isn’t necessary.

Pinkie with shading

Then to finish up, I widened the image, added some text as a cross-over logo, added stars and a drop-shadow, and voila! 🙂 Pinkie’s done!

Now Pinkie Pie can integrate into the world of humans, and sing the song “Now that I’m a woman” from The Last Unicorn in a very high pitch.  Thanks for looking! 🙂


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