Lucky Clover

We had a terrible health scare with our 16 month old Himalayan ratty Clover this week.  Over the weekend she was quiet and disinterested – then on Sunday she was completely limp, flopping around, rolling, with a head tilt, and wouldn’t eat or drink.

This was our little Cloey on Sunday, flat-out exhausted – this is one of the few times  that she wasn’t sleeping upside-down

On Monday she was looking better, but we took her to the vet anyway, myself all armed with info about pituitary tumours, stroke, and a whole host of other horrible things.  I also knew that the lack of balance could be an ear infection, but it seemed too severe.

As it turned out, our vet concluded that Cloey suffered a vestibular attack – the balance mechanism in her brain was affected, and she needed antibiotics to clear up any residual infection.  Cloey only just recovered from a really gross abscess on her urethra, that I had to manually lance at home (nasty, nasty stuff), but it’s possible that a touch leftover from that infection prompted the vestibular problem.  So now Clo is back on antibiotics.  But she’s already bouncing around, climbing, kissing, playing, eating and drinking.  On Sunday I thought she was dying.  I prayed so hard, and all I can say is thank God, thank Jesus and the Angels and well done Mr Vet and of course Clover for being strong. 🙂

Otherwise my first lot of lovely merchandise from RedBubble arrived and the Grenamoya Chibis tee is GORGEOUS!!  And our other ratty, Midna, is recovering well from her spaying operation last week.  I’ve been ill with a stomach complaint since Friday but I don’t care, all other news is good. 🙂


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