Schmendrick goes to Rainbow Bridge

This last Friday in the early hours, our darling ratty boy Schmendrick passed away.  He was in my arms at the time, took sick in the evening after I came off the phone at 9pm, and for the following hours he was having trouble breathing, looking flat and lethargic.  I sat with him on the sofa, watching animated comedy and anime, until he then passed away.  He climbed onto my head twice during that time (not sure how, bless him!), but finally it was all too much.  He stopped breathing, and I deliriously called my mum to come over at 1.30 in the morning.  I’ve been ill for two weeks and had decided not to come into work the next day because of a bad stomach; Schmendrick’s passing all but finished me off.

Our faithful boy Schmen’ – a big, strong Berkshire boy

Here he is with little Clover, our ratty girl who was ill a week or two ago.  He was a wonderful uncle who raised many babies

Schmendrick with Rosie (blonde) and Linna (brunette)

These three, along with Nene, were one generation of ratties, and the first after our University rats.  He was the baby of the four, and as soon as the first rats younger than him joined their group, he became “Uncle Schmen”.

Schmendrick was our first boy rat, and as such the first who was neutered.  It was just as well, as he had loose, dead tissue and a hernia inside his abdomen which the vet was able to fix – if he hadn’t had the op, he might have died young.

Schmendrick in the back, with old Linna, young Momo (brown), and BABY Ymir (grey blaze)

Ymir was such a cutie before she became a big bruiser.  Schmendrick was not an in-your-face rat, but loved being held and cuddled.  He knew when to be tough and when to be squishy with the babies.

Linna, Momo, Ymir & Schmen again

So many ratties’ happiness depended on reliable Uncle Schmen.  And me and Andrew’s happiness rested on his loving, paternal nature.  There’s no more arthritis where he is now. 🙂 We love you darling Schmen – be safe at the bridge, and play with the others until we see you again.


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  1. SmylingBeast
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 01:13:26

    May God rest our precious boy. He didn’t deserve to be in pain after living such a selfless life for his clan. But he’s with his auntie Rose and cousin Nene, and all of our other beloved friends now. How I shall miss having him sit on my shoulder to tell me ratty sneakrets. Papa loves you Schmen’, I’ll see you on the other side, my little buddy.


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