Ratty Photo Extravaganza!

I gathered up some ratty photos from my archive folder, and I’ve decided to stick them here for my records…and the general cuteness.  They’re in no particular order but if you appreciate cute fuzzy animal photos, welcome to the show!

Toby in his Batman hammock

Toby came to us second hand from a local pet shop, having been deemed a horrible rat by his past owner(s): he was taken away from his brothers and stuck in a cage on his own.  We took him.  Admittedly he once sent me to the hospital in the early hours with an infected bite, but otherwise he’s a grand boy.  He currently lives with his nephews, Arfur and little Dogan, and is so sweet to them, you’d never know he had a troubled past.  He’s friendly at the bars but is very frightened of hands.

This is the new setup for one of our upstairs cages: purple Allsorts designs from Fuzzbutt

You can just about see Schmendrick’s little nose on top of the upper hammock – I took this photo a few days before he passed away.  Leaning up to the left is our all-black dumbo girl, Kiku, with best buddies Ymir and Ketsey at the bottom next to the ball.  We love Fuzzbutt hammocks, they’re pricey, but whenever I can afford them I buy a set for our boys and girls.  The boys’ cage also got a new camo hammock, since the beloved Batman one is getting a bit grubby and torn.

Robin (black hoodie) with Clover (Himalayan)

This was taken about two days after Cloey was stricken down with her vestibular attack.  She was still wobbly (you can see how she’s clingy of the cage door) but was a ton better than when the attack occurred.  Navi and Lola also feature in the background!

Here’s Toby again with his dear buddy Arfur

After Arfur’s dad, Albie, died, Toby has been more protective of him than ever.  Without Albie, Toby became boss rat at last, which is fitting because he’s the size of a house and is the kind of rat old ladies have nightmares about!  He’s showing his age now, bless him, as is Arfur.  This photo also shows their beautiful blue camo hammock from Fuzzbutt.

Clover and Navi

After Cloey’s bad spate of health I was thrilled to gather some really good photos of her.  Here she is with Navi, who despite being so much bigger than her is less than half her age.

More Clo’ and Navs

Eeeh, Cloey’s so small and cute, just can’t get enough photos of her tiny self!

Linna and Baby Midna

When Midna was a baby she clung to Linna like glue.  As you can see in the picture, old Linna’s looking a bit tired with so much babysitting, and Midna just wants to be the star.


And it’s Mids on her own.  I know so many people hate ratty tails and feet…but d’awwwww, look at dur tails and feet!! 🙂

Linna with a biscuit

The Jammy Dodger didn’t stand a chance.  And this was only one part of the five-hundred course meal she had that evening!

Midna (top), Clover and Navi (Himalayans), Robin (black hoodie), Linna (brown hoodie) and Lola (albino, facing the back)

Poor Lola, her bad eyesight is both tragic and hilarious.  This picture was a bit blurry but it was so sweet, I kept it.

Clover, Robin & Midna

This one really shows how small Cloey is compared with the other ratties, even the youngest.

Happy 3rd Birthday Lin-chan!

This was Linna’s third birthday, held proudly in the arms of her papa.  She had a cake, a card, and was spoiled rotten.  As of November 2011 she’s still with us, rattling on.

Momo and Ymir

Here’s Mo with baby Ymir, long before Ymir turned into a big boss and something of a bully.

Here they are again…

And again! 8D

I’ll try to gradually gather more pet photos in future…and inundate the internet with the cuteness! 🙂 Thanks for looking.


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