Farewell Dear Arfur

This last week, we lost another of our dear ratty babies – Arthur, better known as “Arfur”.  His mummy chewed off part of his tail as a baby, so he was “Arfur Tail”.  He had a broken blood vessel some weeks ago and was bleeding badly, the night before he died he was weak and bleeding again and I told him I’d see him in the morning.  When I took him out the next day, he was weak, bloodied but peaceful, and passed away very promptly on Saturday.  He is with his daddy Albie again now – and is survived by his “big brother” Toby and little nephew, Dogan.

Arfur was always a clumsy boy, falling off things, breaking things, landing on me, and had a fondness for the eco-friendly potato packaging from Lush shops.  He was always climbing out of the cage to grab a mouthful of it.  If it weren’t for the strong smell of my lovely soaps on it, I might have let him eat it; but it was always taken away, much to his sadness.

I don’t have too many photographs of our boys.  They are lazier and cosier than the girls, and would often be in bed whenever I was around with my camera.  I found a few pics of Arfur.  He’s with his daddy again, and was buried next to our other recently departed boy, Schmendrick.

I was also really upset this week to hear about the passing of my dear friend Manda’s hamster, Breadstick.  I fondly remember our ratties sending her a hamster stocking for Christmas. 🙂 God bless you Manda, and darling Breadstick – hope she’s sharing some yoghurt drops with Arfur at Rainbow Bridge.

Arfur and Toby comforted each other after Arfur’s dad, Albie, passed away.  God bless you sweetheart xx


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