Rest in Peace Toby and Cloey xx

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year with my fiance in Belfast for the first time ever this last year.  I also managed to fall down the stairs in his family home just before we came back to Wales, and now I have busted ligaments in my right knee and I’m on crutches.  I’m off work for liability which is depressing in itself; but at least I can still write and draw.

We lost two ratties in the space of a week – our old boy Toby passed away on New Year’s Eve while we were still away, and on the fifth our little girl Cloey, Tiny Mama, passed away.  She wasn’t old but had been overwhelmed with poor health since having babies when she herself was less than two months old.  She had an ongoing brain bleed and was uncoordinated the past few months, and died after a little fit just hours before we were scheduled to take her to be put to sleep.  Toby had been getting on as an eccentric old fellow, and my mum found him peacefully asleep in his bed, being watched over by little Dogan.  Dogan is now our only male rat, and is being moved in with some of the girls once he’s recovered from his neutering operation.

Dogan is growing up fast and was always loyal to Uncle Toby

Cloey (left) is now with her Uncle Schmendrick (right) and the rest of the family

God bless both of our wonderful babes, and well done Cloey for hanging on long enough to see Daddy after New Year.  We love you both so much and our hearts broke to lose you.  Toby, enjoy your freedom from all the pain you felt in your first home; Cloey, look after those babies and give all your aunties a break! 🙂

As old Linna says, I have “a bum leg”, but I’m motoring on.  Thank Heaven for small mercies, I have too many pets to care for while on these crutches!