A few new bits of art: Far Cry 3 and More

Done some new doo-dads of art lately, trying to keep on top of everything I’m doing. 🙂 Still finishing up my sketchbook to send to Brooklyn for April, and have a large multi-part commission underway.

Line Art: Tali’Zorah, Mass Effect series

In keeping with Mass Effect 3 being released lately, I went to dig out an old sketch I did of Tali and never finished.  In doing so, I started a new full-body drawing.  The inset picture is the reference image I worked from, floating in space beside her 🙂

Line Art: Toby and the Radiator

Sort of Grenamoya art, because Tobias is a character in my fantasy novels, but also not QUITE Grenamoya art, because this is our modern world version of him.  He exists in our Random Fandom universe, is in a relationship with Fenris from Dragon Age II because they sound so damned alike, and has developed a fetish for being handcuffed to radiators.  And assaulted.  We love our Toby, he’s a fine, strange boy.


A picture request of another OC, a Brazilian stripper who bears an interesting resemblance to my character Angelica “Angel” Revas, who has been the star of very many lovely pictures.  She pretty much has a similar bust to Angel but on a slimmer frame, which makes it look more extreme, buuut Angel’s well-muscled figure will always be fun to paint.  Fidelia is taller than Angel (about Miguel’s height, 6ft or so), and has a rather long torso and long legs, which aren’t shown in the picture but you can imagine that they’re there. :3

Miguel & Vaas

Leading into my line of art with a Far Cry 3 theme.  It came about from an observation by my fiance that a character from a Far Cry 3 game trailer, Vaas, looked like a lost relative of our staple AU character, Miguel.  So when he made his premier in our Random Fandom universe, I decided to make a proper go of drawing the two together; and we’re left with this. 🙂 The size of Miguel’s smile can’t be sufficiently expressed in a single picture – he love, love, loves his cousin, and feels happily accepted now that darling Vaas is on the scene.

“Guess how much I love my cousin?”

To further illustrate how happy Miguel is and how much he loves Vaas, here’s a quick strip to make the point obvious.  Yay for cousin-love!

Movie Night

Miguel and Vaas yet again, this time sitting in their bathrobes watching The Orphan on TV and scaring themselves silly.  It amused me because they’re both meant to be such badasses…but the little Russian girl in that film was too scary for them to handle.  I only saw a few minutes of it, but it was enough to result in this doodle.

Line Art: Vaas and his Mattress

A drawing of Vaas from Far Cry 3 yet again, admiring his mattress, which my fiance gave him in our AU and just stuck because it amused me: he keeps his money in it, and spent a family holiday in Brazil dragging it everywhere to pay for drinks.  It’s filthy, but a safer bet than any global bank. 🙂

Vaas and his Mattress

Fully painted, and with a simple tropical background because he looks at home in any island setting.  Still can’t decide if the mattress looks filthy enough…but any more and it would have made the entire picture smell.  Very fun to paint this one, for some reason I was in “the Zone” that day, feeling about as content as I can when making any piece of work.  I was just really in the mood to paint. =3


Now I must hasten to do more sketchbook art for Brooklyn.  Off and away I go! -rush-


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