Mega Art Update: Ponies, Far Cry and Random Fandom

Basic rundown: I have been ill AND away in the last three months or so, and now I have a butt-load of art to update ūüôā So bear with me for a tirade of doodles…


I wanted to draw the 6 main characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in the half-cartoony, half-anthro style we use in our AU.  I painted them all in watercolour, and mounted them on suitable card or other backing.

Twilight Sparkle

Pinkie Pie


Rainbow Dash



I then had a request for two more characters ūüôā

Derpy Hooves

The Great and Powerful Trixie

Moving on…

Big Chris & Pinkie

Sticking with a My Little Pony theme, here’s a doodle of Big Chris from our AU and Pinkie Pie, planning an assault on the “Cupcake Girls” for starting a rival cupcake cookery show to their own, Choccy Woccy Durr Dah. ¬†There was poison involved…then Rainbow Dash suggested a new idea involving explosives.

Miguel (left), Vaas (right) & Zevran (in bubble)

Done as a present for Tali from Mass Effect 3, after her game not only failed miserably and caused international outrage at both Bioware and EA, but also gave her a really lazy-ass excuse for a “real face” in the form of a Photoshopped stock image with two fingers cut off. ¬†She was threatening to jump off a cliff – so I did this quick picture for her since she was so interested in seeing Miguel and Vaas bond since they first met. ¬†Zevran from Dragon Age, one of her closest pals, is in the corner offering his support. ¬†We love you Tali!

Miguel, Nago & Vaas

Nago, the raging homosexual shape-shifting cat-umbrella-armchair beast from BlazBlue (don’t say that often) was charged with looking after Miguel and Vaas after an attempt was supposedly made on both of their lives. ¬†He is the king of un-subtle, and spent the whole time making very dodgy propositions to them. ¬†This is his rape face. ¬†No man is safe.

Far Cry 3: Vaas with a Pizza

Based on an iconic piece of artwork from the game “Catherine”, that everyone seems to have parodied all over the place – but pretty much all with sexy female characters. ¬†Vaas is neither sexy nor female, but he’s so perfect for this and I’m not quite sure why. ¬†It was an image that stuck in my head until I managed to bring it to life. ¬†Also pizza has a special association with Vaas and Miguel in our AU, so it works on many levels. X3 Yum yum.

¬†Far Cry 3 BoxArt…with a difference

Sticking with Far Cry and Vaas again, this one is based off the supposed cover artwork for the Far Cry 3 box, featuring our favourite mad fellow on a beach with two guns, someone buried in the sand and a few people hanging from the trees behind him. ¬†He, Miguel and Alejandra, the three most honed members of Miguel’s half-reptilian species left on Earth, had a few prolonged water-fights on holiday. ¬†So now he has water pistols and water balloons. ūüôā It’s a good thing. ¬†Also painting the beach was interesting…ehhh….don’t touch the balloons!

Vaas, Miguel & Ally

And here is the same image I used above, base coloured and modified, with Miguel and Ally also ready to join the battle.  Ally won.  She always gets her way.

Cerebella, Big Chris & Carol

Skullgirls now, with Cerebella and Carol/Painwheel cuddling up to Big Chris, whom they met when he, Miguel, Vaas and Ally arrived on their holiday island. ¬†‘Bella suits his fondness for tanned, pretty people, and Carol is a victim of cruel science like himself. ¬†So of course they’ve been getting along. ūüôā And like so many people whom Chris and Miguel meet, looks like they’re coming home with them. ¬†Thank God for the big house they live in!

Vaas, Miguel & Rarity

Combining Far Cry, Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony. ¬†Who would have thought? ¬†Another little vacation situation immortalised in picture form: Vaas and Miguel, after a long day, decided to indulge in some casual drugs, and amassed a number of hash bricks in their hotel room. ¬†Utterly high and laughing about things that weren’t funny, they built a ‘house’ with the bricks; and then Vaas became reflective and political about the position of immigrant workers, and Miguel was swept along in his plight. ¬†Rarity, who apparently gets off on imagining that they are impoverished builders for some reason, just wanted to see them make out. ¬†Also, the island they’re on has ‘DoJitos’, a totally legitimate and non-counterfeit snack X3.

Ally with her daddy Miguel & Uncle Vaas

Ally has been harassing her father and uncle while on vacation, and managed to not only get Miguel’s arm mangled by a hideous fish from the local fish market (which she appropriately called Mangler), but bury Vaas in three sandcastles for many hours and chase him for further hours around the beach, and drop crabs down their swimming trunks. ¬†But she’s gorgeous, and we all love her. ¬†Aww, she’s only playing!

Rosette, Big Chris, Mika & Nicole

Although Chris has a million, billion sisters, here is lineart of him with one of his adopted daughters (Rosette from Chrono Crusade), one of his sisters (Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter), and his mother, Nicole. ¬†Their family is so huge and loud, it makes a change to have a small gathering like this. ¬†I also couldn’t make Chris accurately tall because my A4 sheet was too small XD so I’m saying he’s further in the background.

LunaLuna, (pregnant)Maria, Miguel, Vaas & Flavia

Miguel has a far smaller family than his husband, and these are the four members who are actually related to him by blood (rather than being ‘spiritual’ siblings or cousins). ¬†Maria is currently very pregnant, coming into her sixth month, but she’s not above stealing her brother’s wallet for emergency cash. ¬†Couldn’t even wait until the drawing was finished -_-;; Ah well. ¬†Smaller it may be, but here is the core of the Ferreira family ūüôā

She-Vaas, Far Cry 3

It somehow became a running gag that I stared in our AU, that Vaas was born as some kind of hermaphrodite and has had a rather lovely pair of breasts removed in the past to make him fully male. ¬†Oddly it makes sense giving that he is Miguel’s cousin, and LunaLuna (Miguel’s sister and Maria’s twin) is a full hermaphrodite with a very dangerous penis. ¬†Miguel has since become very fond of the idea, and it serves as a recurrent joke. ¬†On that note, here he is as a girl.

Miguel & Vaas with blender

A quick doodle that I did of Miguel and Vaas, having put too much stuff into a blender and turned it on. ¬†I think it was some kind of banana milkshake. ¬†If I ever colour it I’ll make sure they’re spattered accordingly.


More to come soon, I’m sure! ¬†Thanks for looking…