Far Cry 3 Box Art…why so grumpy?

What happened?  Why, whyyy?

A little random thing but a thing that’s been bugging me, about the supposed cover art for Far Cry 3 that I parodied with my water pistol picture.  I meant to post this like two weeks ago but I was lazy :p

The original piece of art, a rougher looking painting with a fully red Far Cry 3 logo, that my fiance originally sent me to say ‘hey lookie it’s Vaas yay’, was sitting merrily in my picture folder.  I referenced it directly for my water pistol doodle, and at least in my original painting (not my second version where he looks a bit shocked), I kept the same vaguely sinister, Vaas-y smile on his face.  Vaas smiles, we’re all a bit creeped out but at least he’s happy.
Far Cry 3 original art with Happy Vaas
Then, sometime between that day and right now, when I pop onto Amazon to look at the preorders, I find THIS piece of art as the working cover.  It’s tuned up, everything’s smoother and sharper (Vaas looks a bit less like he’s battling a rabid case of adult acne), but now he’s not smiling. 😦 What’sa goin’ on?

So now he looks better rendered, but he’s all frowny and looks like someone really peed him off.  Why so serious, buddy?  Did Ubisoft take your smile away?

All I’m saying is that I prefer him smiling, as I prefer most characters smiling (except the ones that make it look wrong or freaky, like Terak or Athani).  Vaas is too much like Miguel to look all frowny.  And that’s all I’ll say – so long as we don’t see a box preview for “super duper special edition with real working Brody action figure and pile of dirty sand” and find that he’s been made cross-eyed and looking like he’s sucked a bad lemon.


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