Far Cry: Lumpy Justice, et al…

My most recent run of art, much of it still with the recurring theme of Far Cry and general adventuring!

 Lumpy Space Princess (main), lazily drawn Vaas (right)

My fiance was playing the first Far Cry again for my amusement, to stave off my rampant champing at the bit for Far Cry 3 this year (given that my ONE other game of the year, Dragon’s Dogma, was plagued with faulty discs).  While fighting random gun-toting nobodies and dinosaurs (I’m not even kidding), it suddenly turned into Lumpy Space Princess in the place of Jack Carver, on a quest or something to win the heart of Vaas, who (VERY stupidly) promised her his heart if she were able to destroy his super lame identical palette-swap rival, Goes.  As it turned out, he quickly realised that he was a moron for pledging himself to someone even more unstable than him, and had to fake his own death to save himself.  Apparently it worked.  But Lumpy Space Princess to this day is a hardcore vigilante with two semi-automatic Brazilian assault rifles, who lives in the woods eating beans.

(Left to right: Miguel, Ally & Vaas)

A mounted, Copic effort of Ally with her beloved daddy and uncle, enjoying a fun night out in the city.  Drawn to Moby’s “New York, New York”, which was playing on a loop as we drove back from dropping Andrew at the airport at the end of his most recent stay.  Has to be said, these guys look happier than I felt at the time!

FeMiguel & Vaaseline

I already drew one picture of She-Vaas (now “Vaaseline”) and several of FeMiguel/Migirl/Michelle/etc, but then I decided to draw them together in a less sultry, cuter style.  So they don’t really look hot here, but they’re sweet and love each other.  Both are very partial to gender swaps.  Vaas was wearing hot pants on their most recent holiday, so Vaaseline wears them proud for all to see.  She may have a chubby butt, but we love her all the same.

FeMiguel & Vaaseline: Coloured

Here it is painted, in my usual default style that I’ve used this year.  It’s simple, but I really like the way it came out.  Vaaseline’s shirt slogan is from D-City Rock, a song from the anime “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”.

(From left to right: Flavia, Maria, Vaas, Miguel & Ally)

I’ve been doing Zumba on and off for the last few months (not graceful at it, though), and the Ferreira family all practice Zumba to some degree because they’re cool and sexy.  I wanted to replicate a few actual Zumba moves in this picture, although my references were mostly very vague (black and white silhouettes), I tried to express the atmosphere of sexy dance exercise in this picture 🙂

Zumba Line-Up: Coloured

And here we are again, all coloured.  Apart from their trainers, they are wearing official Zumba wear to show their support 🙂 I think their money ran out before they could buy matching shoes…

Ferreira Boys Pole-Dancing

Based on the pose from two combined Panty & Stocking PVC figures, Miguel and Vaas are showing their moves on a stripper pole.  Unfortunately despite the gorgeous poses, certain other details about the figures let down this set; so I resurrected the fine pair of poses, turned them into boys and voila.  I have an original draft “nude” copy of the piece as well, since they were originally going to have an alternate in their underwear.  I put so much detail into their damn figures, I was annoyed to cover it all with clothes – so that may appear if I show a step by step 🙂

Big Chris & Susan Strong

Chris’ latest sister, and therefore the object of their next quest-to-rescue-a-sister, is the lovely and massive Susan Strong from Adventure Time.  It was just perfect, the fact that she is not only blonde and has Chris’ stature, but wears a black kitty cap that looks like a cartoon Sheeva — it was meant to be.  Chris’ sisters truly have come from all across the universe, from ecchi (and hentai) worlds, fighting games, cartoons….in fact anywhere that his roving dad Andre “got around” :/ Poor Chris – but in light of your dad’s wanderings, at least you have many, many beautiful sisters 🙂

Max Payne & The Fury

Here’s one to show some love for The Fury/Boris, who still hangs around yelling and being repressed in Chris and Miguel’s world.  Lately he’s been roped into helping Chris with a mission to snoop on his mother’s new boyfriend, in exchange for cuddle-loves with Miguel and his very identical looking cousin.  Poor Boris is messed up and doesn’t know what he wants – but he’s met his match with his new, grizzled pal, Max Payne!  Max never shuts up about his vices, so now even Boris looks comparatively chipper and cheerful.  We love you Boris, don’t let that bald, smelly man get you down!


Still working on my multi-part paid commission, and I’ve recently finished the cover art for my fourth novel 🙂 Let’s hope that all goes well when it comes to print!