Overdue Art Update – Far Cry, Kyonyuu Fantasy, Kinnikuman & Random

Very, very overdue.  I have like, a million art updates from a million different things, so I’m going to spread them over three or so posts :3

Let’s get started!


Big Chris & Shammy

Shamsiel from the hentai series, Kyonyuu Fantasy, became a part of the Random Fandom household a while back.  She decided to get married to Chris and be his succubus wife (though he’s already married to Miguel), saying that her last lover was a boring bugger with no face.  They are very happy together, and have since had two crazy succubus babies!  This drawing was based on the original ‘wedding’ art capture from Kyonyuu Fantasy, now with a different and far more caring groom.

Here they are coloured. 😀

Kevin Mask, Warsman & Robin Mask

From Kinnikuman/Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle.  It’s Kevin, our resident Rebel Without a Clue, with his absentee father, Robin, and Robin’s best buddy robot who trained Kevin in the ways of mega-uber-nuber wrestling, Warsman!  Warsman loves these two so much, he’s in the middle and giving them a hug, given that they’ve never really connected as father and son.  Kevin’s unmasked face I just based on his mummy, Alice.

Here it is, coloured :3  For a screencast of this picture from sketch to finished lines, hop over here: http://www.screencast.com/users/GrenamoyaIsland/folders/Default/media/ec214387-538b-406a-8f2d-42121d525666

Robin, Warsman & Kevin

This was a quick concept piece based around what these three fellows would read in bed.  They’ve been sleeping in one big bed in our Random Fandom universe with Warsman in the middle in his nightie.

For super-duper fast sketch, hop over here: http://www.screencast.com/users/GrenamoyaIsland/folders/Default/media/b9789a4d-5ab0-42a7-8b2d-30e7feed0925


Again from Kyonyuu Fantasy, this time on her own, it’s the devilishly beautiful Shammy!  I enjoyed giving her more dignity in this picture than she is normally afforded…

And here she is coloured!  Like the colourful succubus she is.


Some lineart of a long-time Random Fandom character that I haven’t drawn since she was a young teen.  It’s Ellie from BrazilVille.


Also from BrazilVille, this is Macarena, a character I’ve never officially drawn before but who has been in Chris and Miguel’s life for many years.

Jeager & Boris

A really quick doodle of Jeager from Ultimate Muscle and Boris, ‘The Fury’ from Snake Eater.  They were hanging out and training together and had a brief physical encounter in a Grenamoya brothel (very random), so I drew them together.  Jeager had a crush on Boris.  And eeeh, now they’re a couple! 8D

Susan Strong

From Adventure Time, the lovely and loveable Susan, who as a blonde, blue-eyed, massive girl turned out to be Chris’ sister.  He collects them.  They all went on holiday to ‘The Island’, she wore a torn-style bikini.  Here it is!

Natsuko Kenyon

And finally, from both modern and 80’s style Kinnikuman, it’s Terryman’s wife and Terry’s mother, the fine Natsuko.  I drew her younger and older looks, showing her as both a young, keen photographer and a devoted mother.  She’s living in the Random Fandom house with her son and his young family, and like most women in the known universe has taken a shine to Big Chris.  But then again, there are remarkable parallels between her and Terry, and Chris and his mother Nicole… :3

More to come! =3