First Art for 2013 – mega late!

This blog is now officially my art dump!  I’ma shove this all in really quickly to get up to date with my stuffs.Lines_AndelJadeSquish Lines – Andel & Jade

It’s the ever-popular Andel from my novels, giving his son, Jade, a big squeezy hug.Lines_JadeCompilation Lines – Jade, lotsa times

Various forms of Andel’s son, from babydemon!Jade, to childdemon!Jade and childvampire!Jade, to him as an adult.  As a grown-up in his non-demon form, he looks just like his daddy.  Aww… n_nLines_BeatAllsStylinLines – The Beat Alls, stylin’

This art was dreamt up from the fact that canonical Kevin has a beard.  So to match him, Toby grew a douchebag beard to go with his now officially titled ‘douchebag hair’ (even he calls it that, bless him), Jon spiked the fur on his chin…and Felicia was originally going to be wearing a Movember moustache, but in the end I got rid of it and just let her be a girl. X3Lines_LaharlChan Lines – Laharl-chan and Etna

Genderswap Laharl is hot.  Etna is angry and jealous.  Also Laharl is now married to Toby (see douchebag hair above) in our AU.  What a sweet couple they make, even if Laharl DID kidnap Toby and force him.Concept_DemiContortion Lines – Demi Aerial Contortion in Silk

I frigging LOVE aerial contortion in silk.  So I set myself the painful task of trying to draw one, with Demi as the star.  I’m happy enough after tons of sketchwork, now we’ll see how well I mess it up while inking. XD2013_WarsmanZaraStyle Warsman as Zara from Queen’s Blade Grimoire

I loved my Zara battle book from Grimoire, and I love Warsman.  They both have enormous bums.  So I parodied a butt-heavy page with this art of Warsman half in and half out of his Lord Flash bodysuit, getting an abusive kick from his best friend, Robin.  Poor, poor robot.2013_NatsukoEileenAlice Natsuko, Eileen & Alice

Had one pose reference for an ‘on the floor’ type thing, so I expanded it to involve three of our fave Kinnikuman related girls: Natsuko, Alice, and Robin’s oh so Scottishy sister, Eileen.

Concept_HeizenthlyGren Concept – Heizenthly & Gren, crossdressing

These are two characters from my novels that I adore, despite them both being dead at the time my books take place. XD Doesn’t mean I can’t draw the Heck out of them!  They were both happy crossdressers at parties and the like, so Hey-Hey’s allLines_Ebony Lines – Ebony

A quick drawing of a future book character, a vampire priestess-in-training-or-whatnot, Ebony.Concept_Theron Concept – Theron

Done as part of a request, it’s a new suave picture of Theron.  I was watching a nature programme and looking at pictures of lions when I drew this, as if it isn’t obvious. ;3Concept_Whiptail Concept – Whiptail

Also done as a request, it’s the villain from my recently finished fifth novel, Whiptail the kamrin.Concept_GrenAndelJade Concept – Gren/Andel/Jade

I’ve been in such a Gren mood in recent months.  This sketch juxtaposes him with child Andel, against adult Andel and his son, Jade.Concept_MilitarySynor Concept – Military Synor

I love military clothes and gothic clothes, so I fancied a merger here, feeling inspired by a mixture of Sailor Moon (forever luvs!) and Kyo Kara Maoh (because Wolfram just IS Synor).  I’ve been trying to add pointless details to characters’ clothes lately.Lines_MilitarySynor Lines – Military Synor

And here he is in inked form.

Concept_UmayaFlirt Concept – Umaya

I fancied Umaya, big curves and a big skirt, and this is what I doodled.  Oh Umaya, you are our resident sexy dog lady.

2013_WarsmanTrappyWarsman & Trappy

It’s Warsman from Kinnikuman/Nisei/Ultimate Muscle/blaaahhh, with his best friend and burden and occasional pet, Trappy!  Trappy is a Trappy, from Legasista.  What a weird game that was…but hey, we got to put Big Chris, Etna and even me in it!  I love customisation.  Trappy is ace.

For a screencast of Warsman and Trappy, go here!

2013_JeagerBellaJeager & Bella

Jeager/Jaeger/whutevva and Cerebella teamed up in Hitman: Absolution to infiltrate every situation imaginable!  Jeags was a totally believable maid, Bella was a totally convincing gangsta.  What, do you want to be the one to tell them they’re doing a bad job?  Didn’t think so. n_n

More to come…!  Call me fish fingers and ketchup, cuz I’m on a roll! 8D


Far Cry 3 Box Art…why so grumpy?

What happened?  Why, whyyy?

A little random thing but a thing that’s been bugging me, about the supposed cover art for Far Cry 3 that I parodied with my water pistol picture.  I meant to post this like two weeks ago but I was lazy :p

The original piece of art, a rougher looking painting with a fully red Far Cry 3 logo, that my fiance originally sent me to say ‘hey lookie it’s Vaas yay’, was sitting merrily in my picture folder.  I referenced it directly for my water pistol doodle, and at least in my original painting (not my second version where he looks a bit shocked), I kept the same vaguely sinister, Vaas-y smile on his face.  Vaas smiles, we’re all a bit creeped out but at least he’s happy.
Far Cry 3 original art with Happy Vaas
Then, sometime between that day and right now, when I pop onto Amazon to look at the preorders, I find THIS piece of art as the working cover.  It’s tuned up, everything’s smoother and sharper (Vaas looks a bit less like he’s battling a rabid case of adult acne), but now he’s not smiling. 😦 What’sa goin’ on?

So now he looks better rendered, but he’s all frowny and looks like someone really peed him off.  Why so serious, buddy?  Did Ubisoft take your smile away?

All I’m saying is that I prefer him smiling, as I prefer most characters smiling (except the ones that make it look wrong or freaky, like Terak or Athani).  Vaas is too much like Miguel to look all frowny.  And that’s all I’ll say – so long as we don’t see a box preview for “super duper special edition with real working Brody action figure and pile of dirty sand” and find that he’s been made cross-eyed and looking like he’s sucked a bad lemon.

Thyroid getting in the way!

I’ve been so ill lately on my hypothyroid nonsense that I haven’t been able to do much in the way of my art and writing.  It’s been thoroughly depressing and the best I can manage most days is rough sketches, no final lines or colour because I can’t focus or my hands are shaking.  I’m getting a splinted brace for my occasional carpel tunnel syndrome that totally ruins my dominant hand. >__<;; Spending a lot of time asleep and I’m off work for two days so I’ll be using that to rest up.

Finished playing Fear 3 (F.3.A.R) co-op with Andrew on Sunday night (it only came out on Friday!), him playing as Point Man and me as Paxton Fettel (Pacman Kettle as the ratties were calling him).  Didn’t last very long but it was very fun…and the first half definitely scared us out of our pants at different points. XD When it became more of a shooting onslaught later on it was less creepy, but very enjoyable.  I think Paxton and The Sorrow would be good friends, and I have to draw them together.  Damn hand! o__O;;

It’s now a joke between us that even though Fettel is a psychotic cannibal ghost fellow, he still thinks The Sorrow is stranger than him.  Hur hur.  Sorrow-friend is dodgy.

Since Fettel looks a LOT like The Fear from different angles and the game itself is called Fear, it’s almost like Fettel is Miguel and Yuri’s unholy love-child.  Somehow I think Miguel would have raised him better.

Also as a random point, the game’s ending and Alma’s gruesome fate totally didn’t put me off having children. XP