Far Cry: Lumpy Justice, et al…

My most recent run of art, much of it still with the recurring theme of Far Cry and general adventuring!

 Lumpy Space Princess (main), lazily drawn Vaas (right)

My fiance was playing the first Far Cry again for my amusement, to stave off my rampant champing at the bit for Far Cry 3 this year (given that my ONE other game of the year, Dragon’s Dogma, was plagued with faulty discs).  While fighting random gun-toting nobodies and dinosaurs (I’m not even kidding), it suddenly turned into Lumpy Space Princess in the place of Jack Carver, on a quest or something to win the heart of Vaas, who (VERY stupidly) promised her his heart if she were able to destroy his super lame identical palette-swap rival, Goes.  As it turned out, he quickly realised that he was a moron for pledging himself to someone even more unstable than him, and had to fake his own death to save himself.  Apparently it worked.  But Lumpy Space Princess to this day is a hardcore vigilante with two semi-automatic Brazilian assault rifles, who lives in the woods eating beans.

(Left to right: Miguel, Ally & Vaas)

A mounted, Copic effort of Ally with her beloved daddy and uncle, enjoying a fun night out in the city.  Drawn to Moby’s “New York, New York”, which was playing on a loop as we drove back from dropping Andrew at the airport at the end of his most recent stay.  Has to be said, these guys look happier than I felt at the time!

FeMiguel & Vaaseline

I already drew one picture of She-Vaas (now “Vaaseline”) and several of FeMiguel/Migirl/Michelle/etc, but then I decided to draw them together in a less sultry, cuter style.  So they don’t really look hot here, but they’re sweet and love each other.  Both are very partial to gender swaps.  Vaas was wearing hot pants on their most recent holiday, so Vaaseline wears them proud for all to see.  She may have a chubby butt, but we love her all the same.

FeMiguel & Vaaseline: Coloured

Here it is painted, in my usual default style that I’ve used this year.  It’s simple, but I really like the way it came out.  Vaaseline’s shirt slogan is from D-City Rock, a song from the anime “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”.

(From left to right: Flavia, Maria, Vaas, Miguel & Ally)

I’ve been doing Zumba on and off for the last few months (not graceful at it, though), and the Ferreira family all practice Zumba to some degree because they’re cool and sexy.  I wanted to replicate a few actual Zumba moves in this picture, although my references were mostly very vague (black and white silhouettes), I tried to express the atmosphere of sexy dance exercise in this picture 🙂

Zumba Line-Up: Coloured

And here we are again, all coloured.  Apart from their trainers, they are wearing official Zumba wear to show their support 🙂 I think their money ran out before they could buy matching shoes…

Ferreira Boys Pole-Dancing

Based on the pose from two combined Panty & Stocking PVC figures, Miguel and Vaas are showing their moves on a stripper pole.  Unfortunately despite the gorgeous poses, certain other details about the figures let down this set; so I resurrected the fine pair of poses, turned them into boys and voila.  I have an original draft “nude” copy of the piece as well, since they were originally going to have an alternate in their underwear.  I put so much detail into their damn figures, I was annoyed to cover it all with clothes – so that may appear if I show a step by step 🙂

Big Chris & Susan Strong

Chris’ latest sister, and therefore the object of their next quest-to-rescue-a-sister, is the lovely and massive Susan Strong from Adventure Time.  It was just perfect, the fact that she is not only blonde and has Chris’ stature, but wears a black kitty cap that looks like a cartoon Sheeva — it was meant to be.  Chris’ sisters truly have come from all across the universe, from ecchi (and hentai) worlds, fighting games, cartoons….in fact anywhere that his roving dad Andre “got around” :/ Poor Chris – but in light of your dad’s wanderings, at least you have many, many beautiful sisters 🙂

Max Payne & The Fury

Here’s one to show some love for The Fury/Boris, who still hangs around yelling and being repressed in Chris and Miguel’s world.  Lately he’s been roped into helping Chris with a mission to snoop on his mother’s new boyfriend, in exchange for cuddle-loves with Miguel and his very identical looking cousin.  Poor Boris is messed up and doesn’t know what he wants – but he’s met his match with his new, grizzled pal, Max Payne!  Max never shuts up about his vices, so now even Boris looks comparatively chipper and cheerful.  We love you Boris, don’t let that bald, smelly man get you down!


Still working on my multi-part paid commission, and I’ve recently finished the cover art for my fourth novel 🙂 Let’s hope that all goes well when it comes to print!


A few new bits of art and a random .gif

Some mixed bits and bobs from my last selection of stuff.  I’m getting over having to say goodbye to Andrew again after a nice two-week holiday and I’m in the middle of a big paid commission as well as other things, so may be a bit slow and rubbish with other art for a bit. Behh.

Vaas VS Rarity

Both Vaas from Far Cry 3 and Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have big butts, which are very prominent in our AU.  So on holiday, they engaged in a little DOA Xtreme-style booty pushing in the pool.  Rarity won.


Because ‘Bella is hot and gorgeous, this is her in her holiday bikini that I designed based on her original dress.

Miguel & Chris: “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”

Very much from our AU, it’s Chris and Miguel, originally The Pain and The Fear from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, now people in their own right.  They love each other, and I was solidly listening to “Let’s hear it for the boy” by Deniece Williams while drawing it, so the lyrics are lurking in the background.  It makes me think about my Andrew in the same way it makes Miguel think of Chris, so here we go.

Far Cry 3: Vaas Gif

And just a quickie random .gif of dear Vaas from Far Cry 3 that I put together to make myself laugh.  He makes me think about my fiance (not because he’s mad) so his silly face makes me laugh.  Can’t get over how much this screenshot makes me lol X3

Far Cry 3 Box Art…why so grumpy?

What happened?  Why, whyyy?

A little random thing but a thing that’s been bugging me, about the supposed cover art for Far Cry 3 that I parodied with my water pistol picture.  I meant to post this like two weeks ago but I was lazy :p

The original piece of art, a rougher looking painting with a fully red Far Cry 3 logo, that my fiance originally sent me to say ‘hey lookie it’s Vaas yay’, was sitting merrily in my picture folder.  I referenced it directly for my water pistol doodle, and at least in my original painting (not my second version where he looks a bit shocked), I kept the same vaguely sinister, Vaas-y smile on his face.  Vaas smiles, we’re all a bit creeped out but at least he’s happy.
Far Cry 3 original art with Happy Vaas
Then, sometime between that day and right now, when I pop onto Amazon to look at the preorders, I find THIS piece of art as the working cover.  It’s tuned up, everything’s smoother and sharper (Vaas looks a bit less like he’s battling a rabid case of adult acne), but now he’s not smiling. 😦 What’sa goin’ on?

So now he looks better rendered, but he’s all frowny and looks like someone really peed him off.  Why so serious, buddy?  Did Ubisoft take your smile away?

All I’m saying is that I prefer him smiling, as I prefer most characters smiling (except the ones that make it look wrong or freaky, like Terak or Athani).  Vaas is too much like Miguel to look all frowny.  And that’s all I’ll say – so long as we don’t see a box preview for “super duper special edition with real working Brody action figure and pile of dirty sand” and find that he’s been made cross-eyed and looking like he’s sucked a bad lemon.

Mega Art Update: Ponies, Far Cry and Random Fandom

Basic rundown: I have been ill AND away in the last three months or so, and now I have a butt-load of art to update 🙂 So bear with me for a tirade of doodles…


I wanted to draw the 6 main characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in the half-cartoony, half-anthro style we use in our AU.  I painted them all in watercolour, and mounted them on suitable card or other backing.

Twilight Sparkle

Pinkie Pie


Rainbow Dash



I then had a request for two more characters 🙂

Derpy Hooves

The Great and Powerful Trixie

Moving on…

Big Chris & Pinkie

Sticking with a My Little Pony theme, here’s a doodle of Big Chris from our AU and Pinkie Pie, planning an assault on the “Cupcake Girls” for starting a rival cupcake cookery show to their own, Choccy Woccy Durr Dah.  There was poison involved…then Rainbow Dash suggested a new idea involving explosives.

Miguel (left), Vaas (right) & Zevran (in bubble)

Done as a present for Tali from Mass Effect 3, after her game not only failed miserably and caused international outrage at both Bioware and EA, but also gave her a really lazy-ass excuse for a “real face” in the form of a Photoshopped stock image with two fingers cut off.  She was threatening to jump off a cliff – so I did this quick picture for her since she was so interested in seeing Miguel and Vaas bond since they first met.  Zevran from Dragon Age, one of her closest pals, is in the corner offering his support.  We love you Tali!

Miguel, Nago & Vaas

Nago, the raging homosexual shape-shifting cat-umbrella-armchair beast from BlazBlue (don’t say that often) was charged with looking after Miguel and Vaas after an attempt was supposedly made on both of their lives.  He is the king of un-subtle, and spent the whole time making very dodgy propositions to them.  This is his rape face.  No man is safe.

Far Cry 3: Vaas with a Pizza

Based on an iconic piece of artwork from the game “Catherine”, that everyone seems to have parodied all over the place – but pretty much all with sexy female characters.  Vaas is neither sexy nor female, but he’s so perfect for this and I’m not quite sure why.  It was an image that stuck in my head until I managed to bring it to life.  Also pizza has a special association with Vaas and Miguel in our AU, so it works on many levels. X3 Yum yum.

 Far Cry 3 BoxArt…with a difference

Sticking with Far Cry and Vaas again, this one is based off the supposed cover artwork for the Far Cry 3 box, featuring our favourite mad fellow on a beach with two guns, someone buried in the sand and a few people hanging from the trees behind him.  He, Miguel and Alejandra, the three most honed members of Miguel’s half-reptilian species left on Earth, had a few prolonged water-fights on holiday.  So now he has water pistols and water balloons. 🙂 It’s a good thing.  Also painting the beach was interesting…ehhh….don’t touch the balloons!

Vaas, Miguel & Ally

And here is the same image I used above, base coloured and modified, with Miguel and Ally also ready to join the battle.  Ally won.  She always gets her way.

Cerebella, Big Chris & Carol

Skullgirls now, with Cerebella and Carol/Painwheel cuddling up to Big Chris, whom they met when he, Miguel, Vaas and Ally arrived on their holiday island.  ‘Bella suits his fondness for tanned, pretty people, and Carol is a victim of cruel science like himself.  So of course they’ve been getting along. 🙂 And like so many people whom Chris and Miguel meet, looks like they’re coming home with them.  Thank God for the big house they live in!

Vaas, Miguel & Rarity

Combining Far Cry, Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony.  Who would have thought?  Another little vacation situation immortalised in picture form: Vaas and Miguel, after a long day, decided to indulge in some casual drugs, and amassed a number of hash bricks in their hotel room.  Utterly high and laughing about things that weren’t funny, they built a ‘house’ with the bricks; and then Vaas became reflective and political about the position of immigrant workers, and Miguel was swept along in his plight.  Rarity, who apparently gets off on imagining that they are impoverished builders for some reason, just wanted to see them make out.  Also, the island they’re on has ‘DoJitos’, a totally legitimate and non-counterfeit snack X3.

Ally with her daddy Miguel & Uncle Vaas

Ally has been harassing her father and uncle while on vacation, and managed to not only get Miguel’s arm mangled by a hideous fish from the local fish market (which she appropriately called Mangler), but bury Vaas in three sandcastles for many hours and chase him for further hours around the beach, and drop crabs down their swimming trunks.  But she’s gorgeous, and we all love her.  Aww, she’s only playing!

Rosette, Big Chris, Mika & Nicole

Although Chris has a million, billion sisters, here is lineart of him with one of his adopted daughters (Rosette from Chrono Crusade), one of his sisters (Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter), and his mother, Nicole.  Their family is so huge and loud, it makes a change to have a small gathering like this.  I also couldn’t make Chris accurately tall because my A4 sheet was too small XD so I’m saying he’s further in the background.

LunaLuna, (pregnant)Maria, Miguel, Vaas & Flavia

Miguel has a far smaller family than his husband, and these are the four members who are actually related to him by blood (rather than being ‘spiritual’ siblings or cousins).  Maria is currently very pregnant, coming into her sixth month, but she’s not above stealing her brother’s wallet for emergency cash.  Couldn’t even wait until the drawing was finished -_-;; Ah well.  Smaller it may be, but here is the core of the Ferreira family 🙂

She-Vaas, Far Cry 3

It somehow became a running gag that I stared in our AU, that Vaas was born as some kind of hermaphrodite and has had a rather lovely pair of breasts removed in the past to make him fully male.  Oddly it makes sense giving that he is Miguel’s cousin, and LunaLuna (Miguel’s sister and Maria’s twin) is a full hermaphrodite with a very dangerous penis.  Miguel has since become very fond of the idea, and it serves as a recurrent joke.  On that note, here he is as a girl.

Miguel & Vaas with blender

A quick doodle that I did of Miguel and Vaas, having put too much stuff into a blender and turned it on.  I think it was some kind of banana milkshake.  If I ever colour it I’ll make sure they’re spattered accordingly.


More to come soon, I’m sure!  Thanks for looking…

A few new bits of art: Far Cry 3 and More

Done some new doo-dads of art lately, trying to keep on top of everything I’m doing. 🙂 Still finishing up my sketchbook to send to Brooklyn for April, and have a large multi-part commission underway.

Line Art: Tali’Zorah, Mass Effect series

In keeping with Mass Effect 3 being released lately, I went to dig out an old sketch I did of Tali and never finished.  In doing so, I started a new full-body drawing.  The inset picture is the reference image I worked from, floating in space beside her 🙂

Line Art: Toby and the Radiator

Sort of Grenamoya art, because Tobias is a character in my fantasy novels, but also not QUITE Grenamoya art, because this is our modern world version of him.  He exists in our Random Fandom universe, is in a relationship with Fenris from Dragon Age II because they sound so damned alike, and has developed a fetish for being handcuffed to radiators.  And assaulted.  We love our Toby, he’s a fine, strange boy.


A picture request of another OC, a Brazilian stripper who bears an interesting resemblance to my character Angelica “Angel” Revas, who has been the star of very many lovely pictures.  She pretty much has a similar bust to Angel but on a slimmer frame, which makes it look more extreme, buuut Angel’s well-muscled figure will always be fun to paint.  Fidelia is taller than Angel (about Miguel’s height, 6ft or so), and has a rather long torso and long legs, which aren’t shown in the picture but you can imagine that they’re there. :3

Miguel & Vaas

Leading into my line of art with a Far Cry 3 theme.  It came about from an observation by my fiance that a character from a Far Cry 3 game trailer, Vaas, looked like a lost relative of our staple AU character, Miguel.  So when he made his premier in our Random Fandom universe, I decided to make a proper go of drawing the two together; and we’re left with this. 🙂 The size of Miguel’s smile can’t be sufficiently expressed in a single picture – he love, love, loves his cousin, and feels happily accepted now that darling Vaas is on the scene.

“Guess how much I love my cousin?”

To further illustrate how happy Miguel is and how much he loves Vaas, here’s a quick strip to make the point obvious.  Yay for cousin-love!

Movie Night

Miguel and Vaas yet again, this time sitting in their bathrobes watching The Orphan on TV and scaring themselves silly.  It amused me because they’re both meant to be such badasses…but the little Russian girl in that film was too scary for them to handle.  I only saw a few minutes of it, but it was enough to result in this doodle.

Line Art: Vaas and his Mattress

A drawing of Vaas from Far Cry 3 yet again, admiring his mattress, which my fiance gave him in our AU and just stuck because it amused me: he keeps his money in it, and spent a family holiday in Brazil dragging it everywhere to pay for drinks.  It’s filthy, but a safer bet than any global bank. 🙂

Vaas and his Mattress

Fully painted, and with a simple tropical background because he looks at home in any island setting.  Still can’t decide if the mattress looks filthy enough…but any more and it would have made the entire picture smell.  Very fun to paint this one, for some reason I was in “the Zone” that day, feeling about as content as I can when making any piece of work.  I was just really in the mood to paint. =3


Now I must hasten to do more sketchbook art for Brooklyn.  Off and away I go! -rush-