Mega Art Update: Ponies, Far Cry and Random Fandom

Basic rundown: I have been ill AND away in the last three months or so, and now I have a butt-load of art to update 🙂 So bear with me for a tirade of doodles…


I wanted to draw the 6 main characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in the half-cartoony, half-anthro style we use in our AU.  I painted them all in watercolour, and mounted them on suitable card or other backing.

Twilight Sparkle

Pinkie Pie


Rainbow Dash



I then had a request for two more characters 🙂

Derpy Hooves

The Great and Powerful Trixie

Moving on…

Big Chris & Pinkie

Sticking with a My Little Pony theme, here’s a doodle of Big Chris from our AU and Pinkie Pie, planning an assault on the “Cupcake Girls” for starting a rival cupcake cookery show to their own, Choccy Woccy Durr Dah.  There was poison involved…then Rainbow Dash suggested a new idea involving explosives.

Miguel (left), Vaas (right) & Zevran (in bubble)

Done as a present for Tali from Mass Effect 3, after her game not only failed miserably and caused international outrage at both Bioware and EA, but also gave her a really lazy-ass excuse for a “real face” in the form of a Photoshopped stock image with two fingers cut off.  She was threatening to jump off a cliff – so I did this quick picture for her since she was so interested in seeing Miguel and Vaas bond since they first met.  Zevran from Dragon Age, one of her closest pals, is in the corner offering his support.  We love you Tali!

Miguel, Nago & Vaas

Nago, the raging homosexual shape-shifting cat-umbrella-armchair beast from BlazBlue (don’t say that often) was charged with looking after Miguel and Vaas after an attempt was supposedly made on both of their lives.  He is the king of un-subtle, and spent the whole time making very dodgy propositions to them.  This is his rape face.  No man is safe.

Far Cry 3: Vaas with a Pizza

Based on an iconic piece of artwork from the game “Catherine”, that everyone seems to have parodied all over the place – but pretty much all with sexy female characters.  Vaas is neither sexy nor female, but he’s so perfect for this and I’m not quite sure why.  It was an image that stuck in my head until I managed to bring it to life.  Also pizza has a special association with Vaas and Miguel in our AU, so it works on many levels. X3 Yum yum.

 Far Cry 3 BoxArt…with a difference

Sticking with Far Cry and Vaas again, this one is based off the supposed cover artwork for the Far Cry 3 box, featuring our favourite mad fellow on a beach with two guns, someone buried in the sand and a few people hanging from the trees behind him.  He, Miguel and Alejandra, the three most honed members of Miguel’s half-reptilian species left on Earth, had a few prolonged water-fights on holiday.  So now he has water pistols and water balloons. 🙂 It’s a good thing.  Also painting the beach was interesting…ehhh….don’t touch the balloons!

Vaas, Miguel & Ally

And here is the same image I used above, base coloured and modified, with Miguel and Ally also ready to join the battle.  Ally won.  She always gets her way.

Cerebella, Big Chris & Carol

Skullgirls now, with Cerebella and Carol/Painwheel cuddling up to Big Chris, whom they met when he, Miguel, Vaas and Ally arrived on their holiday island.  ‘Bella suits his fondness for tanned, pretty people, and Carol is a victim of cruel science like himself.  So of course they’ve been getting along. 🙂 And like so many people whom Chris and Miguel meet, looks like they’re coming home with them.  Thank God for the big house they live in!

Vaas, Miguel & Rarity

Combining Far Cry, Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony.  Who would have thought?  Another little vacation situation immortalised in picture form: Vaas and Miguel, after a long day, decided to indulge in some casual drugs, and amassed a number of hash bricks in their hotel room.  Utterly high and laughing about things that weren’t funny, they built a ‘house’ with the bricks; and then Vaas became reflective and political about the position of immigrant workers, and Miguel was swept along in his plight.  Rarity, who apparently gets off on imagining that they are impoverished builders for some reason, just wanted to see them make out.  Also, the island they’re on has ‘DoJitos’, a totally legitimate and non-counterfeit snack X3.

Ally with her daddy Miguel & Uncle Vaas

Ally has been harassing her father and uncle while on vacation, and managed to not only get Miguel’s arm mangled by a hideous fish from the local fish market (which she appropriately called Mangler), but bury Vaas in three sandcastles for many hours and chase him for further hours around the beach, and drop crabs down their swimming trunks.  But she’s gorgeous, and we all love her.  Aww, she’s only playing!

Rosette, Big Chris, Mika & Nicole

Although Chris has a million, billion sisters, here is lineart of him with one of his adopted daughters (Rosette from Chrono Crusade), one of his sisters (Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter), and his mother, Nicole.  Their family is so huge and loud, it makes a change to have a small gathering like this.  I also couldn’t make Chris accurately tall because my A4 sheet was too small XD so I’m saying he’s further in the background.

LunaLuna, (pregnant)Maria, Miguel, Vaas & Flavia

Miguel has a far smaller family than his husband, and these are the four members who are actually related to him by blood (rather than being ‘spiritual’ siblings or cousins).  Maria is currently very pregnant, coming into her sixth month, but she’s not above stealing her brother’s wallet for emergency cash.  Couldn’t even wait until the drawing was finished -_-;; Ah well.  Smaller it may be, but here is the core of the Ferreira family 🙂

She-Vaas, Far Cry 3

It somehow became a running gag that I stared in our AU, that Vaas was born as some kind of hermaphrodite and has had a rather lovely pair of breasts removed in the past to make him fully male.  Oddly it makes sense giving that he is Miguel’s cousin, and LunaLuna (Miguel’s sister and Maria’s twin) is a full hermaphrodite with a very dangerous penis.  Miguel has since become very fond of the idea, and it serves as a recurrent joke.  On that note, here he is as a girl.

Miguel & Vaas with blender

A quick doodle that I did of Miguel and Vaas, having put too much stuff into a blender and turned it on.  I think it was some kind of banana milkshake.  If I ever colour it I’ll make sure they’re spattered accordingly.


More to come soon, I’m sure!  Thanks for looking…


Big Leap Year Art Update!

It’s been too long since I compiled my artwork and unfinished scribbles on this blog so I’ll do it now to get me started.  Came back from physiotherapy the other day and apparently I’m doing well 🙂 Today is also World Book Day!  As an author I appreciate this day of days…not to mention St David’s Day and my dad’s birthday to boot.

Dating back to the end of 2011 before my accident…


Christmas Elves

After I finished my Christmas picture of Angel, I barely managed to squeeze this one in before I jumped on the plane to Ireland for the holidays.  From various places, from left to right: Foless (Lightning Warrior Raidy), Zevran & Fenris (Dragon Age) and Echidna (Queen’s Blade), who in our Alternate Universe are brothers and sisters.  Being elves for Christmas.  And I realise how much I both love and hate drawing bristly garlands. 🙂

Pinkie’s Exercise Centre

My first picture of 2012 is this one of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, advertising her weight loss scheme to help all the insecure ponies lose a little weight after Christmas.  This came about after my fiance tried some Rosemary Conley brand low-fat cheese and declared it to be the work of the devil.  And Pinkie then went on to wear workout duds in an actual episode.  That’s prophecy for you!

Posing Ponies

Along with other pony things came this one of sorta-people-pony-form Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack & Rarity hanging around in the nude.  Normally that would be a given for ponies, but with their slightly anthropomorphic forms in our AU, they had to cover up.  And it gave me a chance to show Applejack cuddling up to Rainbow Dash…just because.

Octavia & Vinyl Scratch

Another pony picture, this time on request, featuring two of the non-main My Little Pony cast.  They’re so delightfully different, but oh so similar in their appreciation of music.  So naturally they go together.


THEN came Hideo Kojima mentioning in an interview that he wanted to do a Metal Gear game featuring the COBRA Unit that we love so dear.  And about a million pieces of artwork came pouring out of my brain!  Mwa ha haa…

Keeping things cartoony, because we’re happy to have them back!

Still cartoony, but now in a hot tub, and featuring The Pain’s awesome manboobs.

Cobra Kids!  Left to right: The Joy, The Fear, The Sorrow, The Pain & The Fury

Now a quick muddle of the COBRA Unit (minus The End, who was old when the dinosaurs were young) as young kidlets.  With many of their fiftieth birthdays coming up in our fan universe (apart from The Sorrow who just turned fifty-one), it’s nice to give them a chance to reflect on their cute youth.  And having the chance to shove in more in-jokes about The Fear’s poverty, The Pain’s Cartman resemblance, The Fury’s love of space…

Miguel (The Fear)’s Character Sheet

I was mulling over character sheets again and decided to do one for The Fear’s incarnation in our AU, to separate it from the bare personality he was given in his actual game.  We’ve done so much with the entire COBRA Unit, even the old man has an expanded outlook whenever he’s actually awake.  So I fiddled with expressions and some poses, stuck a bunch of info on there, and now I have a template for if I ever have the time to do both persona sheets for each member 🙂

Chris (The Pain)’s Character Sheet

And a matching one for The Pain’s developed personality in our AU, quick poses, expressions and a blurb. 🙂 He’s so colourless…

And while we’re on an AU roll and since I haven’t done one in a while, it’s our own Chris and Miguel, in their Metal Gear appropriate clothes, having a moment of luvviness. D’aww…because it’s too damn cute.

Fear Before The Dark

God I was so hyper to do bare feet in this picture and I did.  A more canonical picture of The Fear this time, hanging about with one of his needles, having either just shot up or about to, when his dear chubby, hornet-filled comrade, The Pain, comes to fetch him.  Time for the off!

Fury Before The Dark

I wanted to do these pictures years ago and finally got around to them now!  This time it’s The Fury before the end of everything, having a last minute smoke as he gets into his cosmonaut costume.  Much fun was had scarring his skin and dirtying up his clothes on this one.  Oh, if only it would all end well…

Maria’s Pregnancy

Back to cartoony-ness and our AU, Miguel’s sister Maria is currently pregnant again, this time by Miguel’s life partner, Chris.  And it’s all fiine, just fiine.  He was a bit iffy about it at first but he’s generally fine now, Chris and Maria were each other’s first lover, and he’s generally used to his sister stealing everything from him.  First food and credit cards, and now this?  He’s a very tolerant man.  And Yuri and Boris both dated her in the past.  She gets around.

Nekkid in Graniny Gorki

Because Miguel’s always being shoved around, here’s The Fear in his Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater clearing waiting to (fail to) kill Snake.  But now he seems to have mislaid his uniform.  For absolutely NO reason…I just love playing with anatomy. XP I should have added a bunny in there…or a hippo, just some kind of random animal.  There’s so much fun to be had with feet!

Sheeva B.

Done as a request, it’s our beloved anthro panther, Sheeva, done up as Sam B. from Dead Island.  Because she’s so flippant with people and the two just go together so well…it also suits very well because Sheeva’s last initial is B anyway.  Sheeva B don’ givva fu**!  She cayn’t!

Fear-friend’s Fiftieth

On 6th February this year, on the day I went for my first physiotherapy, our Miguel turned fifty.  He’d been spasming around with horror about it for weeks, but now it’s come and gone…and he can at least feel good that he’s surrounded by people who love him.  Most of the time.

Valentine’s 2012

An incredibly quick sketch for Valentine’s Day.  As is probably very obvious, the original drawing for this is tiny XD It’s quick but to the point.  Yay for Pain-friend and Fear-friend, they’ve been together for about 5 years now!  Aand poor Sorrow-friend and Fury-friend.  Too bad things didn’t work out with The Boss for either of them.  But they have each other, and the old man has his bird.

Brainy Brazilian Beauties

In tribute to three of our random fandom original characters: Chris and Miguel’s adopted daughter Ally, Miguel’s sister Flavia, and their dear journalist friend, Angel.  Because they’re hot AND smart!  Yay for Brazil!

Cobra Unit Friends

And my final, great triumph for this post, it took me many, many hours to do.  It’s a strange COBRA Unit picture with a retro Friends twist (I know, pretty outdated but I couldn’t resist).  Based on one of my favourite pictures I ever did of the COBRA Unit, “Colours of our Unit”, they’re all younger and wearing the same outfits as in that picture…but now with complimentary umbrellas!

Out of interest and because it amuses me, the poses are based on the following characters each from left to right: The Sorrow (Ross), The Boss/Joy (Monica), The Fear (Joey), The End (Chandler), The Pain (Phoebe) & The Fury (Rachel).  Sort of makes sense for half of them, if The Sorrow is boring and educated, The Boss is an anal control freak, and The Fear is promiscuous as Hell.  Now I think we should make The End a failed comedian, The Pain a vegetarian, and give The Fury a long and tumultuous will-they-won’t-they relationship with The Sorrow.  Yep.  That would make things much more interesting.


That’s my assortment for now, I’m in the middle of doing my sketchbook art for the Brooklyn gallery and I just finished a commission for someone so I’ve been pretty busy, and with going back to work in a fortnight and fitting in my physio I’m snowed under right now. 🙂 Will try to keep updating everything to the best of my ability.  Onward!

People-Ponies, Christie, Ally and Taokaka

Welcome to my newest art showcase, at the end of November 2010 🙂 Here are the latest offerings:

From My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Left to right (even though they’re labelled): Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack & Rainbow Dash

I’ve done them as humans, now here they are as “people-ponies”, the way they currently appear in our AU.  They are anthro but still have the cartoony look.  Doing such weird facial anatomy really warped my brain but I still tried to do my best. X3 Simple colouring to match the show!

Christie Monteiro from Tekken

One of my favourite characters from the Tekken series, here’s Christie, looking gorgeous.  I wanted to show her slender figure, curviness and fitness all in one, since she has a totally different figure from Maria or Angel for example, so I hope I did her justice.  I’m all stoked for her beautiful Shunya Yamashita figure coming out at the start of 2012!  Eeeh, I will put her next to my beautiful Catwoman, and wait for Harley Quinn to come out in future.

Alejandra “Ally” Benoit-Ferreira

Having done a recent picture of grown-up Ally, I decided to do another full-body, more dynamic one.  Here she is running, most likely to her adoptive daddy Miguel, with her fang-filled grin and a bag of books. 🙂 She must have left her lizard toy in her room, since we know she still has it, the big softie.

Taokaka from BlazBlue – hoodless!

And another picture of Taokaka from BlazBlue for my collection. 🙂 She’s in some more casual duds with her big plaits wafting in the breeze.  She looks suitably like her custom made alternate costume from our last year’s edition of Smackdown VS Raw.  All being well, we’ll be making her and the gang again this year!

Human Ponies, F.S-Style and Alejandra

My new art for this week is assorted and random.  As well as finishing TWO NEW NOVEL COVERS (yay) I did some other art, and did my full colouring of the human ponies picture, which I also recorded as a screencast if I can bother uploading it for people’s reference.  It’s for beginners really, some nice basic colouring, so we’ll see 🙂

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters, human style!

Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, all done up together as peeps. 🙂 I’d already done one human picture of Pinkie so only the other five were “new”, but I did my best to integrate their looks, personalities and hair into these human forms.  Next up, my people-pony anthro style lineup!  Ooh, it never stops.

Menace & Angel, in the style of F.S’s Menace & Melona picture

It’s no secret that I love the art of Japanese hentai maestro, F.S.  Between his lineart and his colouring (and that of his team, lol) I adore the detail and softness of character proportions, and his affinity for the more full-figured female (which with characters like Cammesonja, Maria and Angel, suits me very well).  I collect as much of his PG-13 art as I can, mostly Queen’s Blade but some others, and I did this piece based on one of his own images of Menace and Melona.  Instead we have Menace in her “modern” type fitness duds, and Angel, who looks suitably like Menace’s combat instructor Anarista (whom I adoooooore and want a book of!).  I did a softer colouring style to suit F.S’s a little better. 🙂

Alejandra, our OC, as a teenager

Ally is a sweet little thing who normally spends her time as an adorable little girl with fangs and a huge intellect.  She recently returned to her teenage form and went on holiday to Portugal, where she made all the other beachgoers totally jealous.  And she still has her beloved lizard toy. Yay Ally, we love you!

Otherwise in my sketch and lineart bin, I have:

Taokaka in “casual” gear

Smug Sheeva

Maria in her “Pooters” uniform

Terak carrying Synor

…and more!